2021.09.19 16:22 shawnd228 CASHOUT063 X YOUNGGODUMB - PATRICK EWING was my shit back den

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2021.09.19 16:22 mathswarrior Which Linux should I use?

Hey, I have a 9ish years old tiny laptop sitting around and it's very slow because it can't handle the weight of new windows software.. so I was wondering which Linux I should use, as I really only want to work on documents (online on drive), browse and watch a couple of movies, nothing fancy
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2021.09.19 16:22 SeparateSupermarket2 Sprintec is causing stomach pains

I (24F) started sprintec on July 25 and it’s my first time ever using BC. I’ve taken two packs so far and I’m about to go into my third pack tonight. I have some questions on what to do.
I don’t have any health issues, and ever since I’ve been taking sprintec I get random stomach pains and they always tend to happen at night. I used to think it was fatty beef, but last night I had chicken and I still got stomach pains.
It literally feels like a sharp pain in my stomach, super bloated like I have to poop but I can’t. I also get a sharp pain in my upper back. So my solution is to get a warm heating pad on my stomach, drink ginger tea with mint and just wait it out. I literally cannot lay day and sleep I have to try to sleep sitting up which I have to sleep on the couch. I also recently have started to throw up.
I don’t really know what to do or if this is normal? My boyfriend thinks I should just stop taking it so I don’t get these random stomach pains but I’m unsure. I obviously don’t wanna have a baby right now, but I also don’t want to have these crazy random pains that disturb me at night.
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2021.09.19 16:22 alarmcloque Converting a skoolie in abroad and sending it back


We are a family of four located in France.

Our plan for the next 2 years is to :
- buy a good used skoolie in the US
- ship it to France, bring it home on a truck
- do the conversion ourself
- truck, ship it back
- using it during the holidays

It would be like a secondary residence, parked in a appropriate (covered, heated?) place, and used 2-3 months a year.

We are well aware that it is a somewhat costly option, but it matters for us to take the time to work on the conversion from home. We are not permanent residents of the US, hence can't spend months working on the bus there.

Regardless of the French-side constraints of importing the bus, what do you think will be major hurdles once back in America? Insurance comes to mind, but what about licence plate and various paperwork? Could the two-way trip cause issues law wise?

Thank you !
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2021.09.19 16:22 Entitled_Millennials AOCs dress has been all over social media the last few days, with what people would call the left divided over how they feel. Powerful political statement? Or out of touch political theater? What say you friends?

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2021.09.19 16:22 Cultural-Post5915 What would you do if you were the last human alive?

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2021.09.19 16:22 SuspiciousMidnight74 When should set your profile as NSFW other than the obvious reasons?

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2021.09.19 16:22 fanweijian lack of marketing? still severely undervalued like vra

Any thoughts on why enj is lagging behind most of the other nft coins the gains is not as good ...could it be a lack of marketin? I rarely hear enj being mentioned also in other groups like cc
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2021.09.19 16:22 Purple1szed Just finished a montage of my visit to Iceland’s erupting volcano Fagradsfjall

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2021.09.19 16:22 rueBusiness Twitter post by NewGuy#2237

Rue Business on Twitter: "Moonriver $MOVR currently running on Kusama $KSM and providing solidity smart contracts is repeatedly going through the roof. How is that? (see thread)" / Twitter
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2021.09.19 16:22 DiscoHirsch Why?

Why does Chunky use my CPU INSTEAD OF GPU?
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2021.09.19 16:22 Tiny_Jelly3395 Update!

So in my previous post, I talked about a blood stain on the sheet that I found a month ago (I’ll leave the link below)
So today I FT and asked where that sheet was and he said “oh I threw it in the wash let me get it for you” He got it out and the blood stain was still up there but slightly faded. He showed it to me and said “would you like me throw it out?” And I told him it was up to him. He jokingly said “when you get here you can analyze it and DNA test it of you want”.
I think I might actually take him up on that offer, idk I just wanna know where the stain came from. I guess the fact that he’s not trying to get rid of it is a good sign. What do you guys think?
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2021.09.19 16:22 XMG_gg [Launch] XMG FOCUS: new product series with i7-11800H and RTX 3050 Ti

[Launch] XMG FOCUS: new product series with i7-11800H and RTX 3050 Ti Dear community,
XMG FOCUS is a new product series that aims to provide the most affordable entry into XMG’s world of computational productivity and bleeding edge graphics. Powered by arguably Intel’s best mobile CPU in years and NVIDIA’s latest RTX mobile graphics, XMG FOCUS concentrates itself on the essentials of portability, performance and I/O and presents a cost-effective solution to power users, gamers and content creators.
This thread will give you an overview of specs, features and performance for our new XMG FOCUS series. If you still have any questions after reading this thread, please post them in the comments below.

Marketing Features Future-proof eight-core power: Intel Core i7-11800H
Powerful: with eight cores and 16 threads, Intel's Core i7-11800H is ideally prepared to meet future demands with ease. The processor from the 11th Core generation is one of the top models in Intel's current mobile lineup and doesn’t just impress with its powerful gaming performance. Due to the high number of processing cores and the associated performance reserves, it is also ideally suited for simultaneous gaming and streaming.
Raytracing unlocked: GeForce RTX 3050 Ti
Built around the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, the XMG FOCUS 15 offers an optimal entry into the new ray tracing class with breathtaking graphic effects - so you won't miss any details! The graphics card is the perfect solution for popular games such as Minecraft and Fortnite with RTX ON, or Rocket League and FIFA with high FPS values. NVIDIA's DLSS 2.0 technology (Deep Learning Super Sampling) ensures a balance between smooth gameplay and high quality visuals.
High-quality & fast: IPS display with 144 Hz
The high-quality IPS panel of the XMG FOCUS 15 impresses with its first-class display and leaves nothing to be desired. Bright, intense colours, excellent black levels and contrasts as well as a high viewing angle stability are among the outstanding display features. In fast action games, the Full HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) excells with exceptionally smooth playback thanks to a refresh rate of 144 Hz.
Powerful soundscapes: Optimal headphone sound
To give you the best possible sound through your headphones and maximise your immersive gaming experience, the XMG FOCUS 15 uses Creative Sound Blaster technology for optimal sound adjustment. The Sound Blaster Cinema 6 app gives you access to a wide range of setting options, allowing you to call up the ideal sound profiles for gaming, videos or music and customise them to your taste.
Generous memory & storage
Thanks to its flexible memory options, the XMG FOCUS 15 can be perfectly tailored to your individual requirements. The laptop offers two SO-DIMM slots and can hold up to 64 GB of DDR4-3200 memory. It also offers space for an lightning-fast NVMe SSD in M.2 format as well as a complementary 2.5 inch drive. Retrofitting the storage components is effortless, as the inside of the chassis is easily accessible.
Wide-ranging connectivity
A wide range of external connections makes the XMG FOCUS 15 a flexible everyday companion.
These include four USB ports including USB-C as well as a Mini DisplayPort and an HDMI output for graphics output to additional external monitors. Furthermore, the laptop scores with a wired network connection, wireless Wi-Fi 6, a full-size SD card reader and separate audio connections - once for an individual microphone and once for classic headphones or a headset.

Pictures of XMG FOCUS 15 Here are few true-to-life 3D renderings of XMG FOCUS 15.
Quite a number of screws in the bottom cover - but this makes the base unit quite rigid and stable. Bottom cover can easily be removed by taking out all the screws.

Pictures of XMG FOCUS 17 XMG FOCUS 17 has the same internal and external layout and also the same keyboard and identical chassis materials. The touchpad of FOCUS 17 is bigger than the one in FOCUS 15. And you get the bigger screen of course, which is nice.
Some of the renderings make the chassis look brighter than it is in real life - depending on the reflection of the light source. Rest assured, the chassis is black on all sides and has a matte finish, no glossy parts.

Internal Layout and Cooling System This animated GIF shows both XMG FOCUS 15 and XMG FOCUS 17 to scale:
For a full-resolution version of each, click on these links:
The pictures are taken from a pre-MP sample. Some of the tapes and cable layout might be a little bit more tidy in the final product. The picture of the 17.3" chassis comes with RAM and SSD - the picture of the 15.6" chassis comes 'bare bone'.
As you can see, the layout of both cooling systems is identical, except for the CPU-heatpipes (top right) being slightly longer on the 17.3" version. The system follows a semi-shared layout with both CPU and GPU benefiting from both fans, even during one-sided load (e.g. CPU-only or GPU-mostly).
The "L"-shaped battery is attached with screws, not glued. The area between the M.2 SSD slot and battery is reserved for a 2.5" SSD or HDD. All component slots can be accessed and upgraded by opening the bottom cover of the laptop.

Performance Profiles XMG FOCUS series offers 4 pre-configured performance profiles which can be accessed with the hotkey Fn+3 or with a right click in the Control Center's systray menu.
Here are the profiles for the Intel Core i7-11800H:
PL1 PL2 PL Tau
Power Saving 30 W 30 W 8 s
Quiet 15 W 30 W 8 s
Entertainment 45 W 80 W 28 s
Performance 55 W 95 W 48 s
PL1 is the power level that can be sustained as long as the system is within its temperature target. PL2 is the Turbo Boost which can be sustained for the duration of PL Tau (unless hitting the temperature ceiling).
The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti has a base TGP of 60W and can boost up to 75W with Dynamic Boost 2.0 in 'Performance' mode.
cTGP Dynamic Boost 2.0
Power Saving 60 W + 0
Quiet 60 W + 0
Entertainment 60 W + 5
Performance 60 W + 15
The system's performance profiles and fan tables are designed for a good balance between performance (efficiency, running in the 'sweet spot'), fan noise and skin temperature. The top-most 'Performance' profile is still relatively tame compared to some other models in our line-up. So we have no trouble recommended either one of these 'profiles' for constant usage.

Benchmarks and Logfiles To put things in perspective, here are a few reference benchmarks on XMG FOCUS with i7-11800H and RTX 3050 Ti. These are taken at a moderately high room temperature of 28°C with the laptop being propped up on a notebook stand.
Item Value
CPU Sustained All-Core Power Limit 55 Watt
CPU Sustained All-Core Temperature 83°C
Cinebench R20 Multi Score 4641
GPU Sustained Power Limit 75 Watt
GPU Sustained Temperature 81°C
3DMark Time Spy Score 5991
3DMark Time Spy CPU Score 5609
3DMark Time Spy Graphics 9766
3DMark Time Spy Stress Test 97.4%
The 'sustained' CPU temperature is what you get when saturate all CPU cores non-stop for about 15 minutes, upon which you reach 'steady state' after which CPU temperatures won't increase anymore.
The GPU's sustained power limit and temperature has been taken with Time Spy Stress Test which runs for about 20 minute and makes the system reach 'steady state' for GPU-centric loads.
Power vs. Temperature Diagrams
This Prime95 test ran for 18 minutes without any significant increase of CPU temperature while maintaining Intel's 45W TDP power limit.
Time Spy Stress test runs for 20 minutes and is a continuous loop of 3D rendering, without any of the other 3DMark sequences (such as physics CPU testing). The little dip in temperature in the first half of the run was caused by lifting up the laptop for 15 seconds for taking IR temperature readings from the bottom case.
Same benchmark, different chassis, different performance profile. You can see how the GPU power of 75W is well maintained.
3DMark Time Spy Stress Test requires only ~14W of CPU power which is not too far away from well-optimized PC games such as Doom Eternal.
For a more heavy example, Cyberpunk 2077 with Ultra-Preset (DXR OFF; TAA) takes between 20 and 25W of CPU power on XMG FOCUS 15 with the GPU running at 75W.
Situation is similar in CS:GO which takes around 25W of CPU Power during gameplay with Automatic Graphic settings and very high framerates.

VRAM Management on RTX 3050 Ti with 4GB GDDR6 Much as been said in press reviews about the 4GB VRAM buffer of RTX 3050 Ti. Reviewers have hailed the Ampere-based GPU as being a good performer but risking to be bottlenecked at 'Ultra' or 'Highest' settings in a few current titles such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla (2020). Two excellent reviews of the RTX 3050 Ti are linked here:
Disclaimer: the RTX 3050 Ti tested in these reviews is running at 80W, so it is a few percent faster than the RTX 3050 Ti with a maximum of 75 W in XMG FOCUS. But overall, this does not have a huge impact and does not affect how much VRAM is being used in any given scenario.
The answer to the VRAM conundrum is straightforward: be aware of your in-game settings and learn which settings might affect how much VRAM a game might require.
VRAM usage in Gaming
Two settings have by far the most influence on VRAM occupancy:
  • Render Resolution
  • Texture Resolution
Texture Resolution usually has not much (if any) influence on render speed (FPS). But it does have a big impact on VRAM usage. The trick is to set the texture quality as high as possible without hitting any VRAM bottleneck. You will see the bottleneck being reached if your FPS drops to only a fraction of what you would get on Medium settings.
Resolution has a similar effect. Basically, RTX 3050 Ti is made for Full HD (1080p) gaming. It performs well on higher resolutions (such as 2560 x 1440) but you might have to keep VRAM usage in mind when running the very latest Triple A titles on 'Highest' or 'Ultra' presets. In some games you can also use DLSS to reduce the VRAM impact of high resolutions..
To monitor GPU and VRAM usage during the initial setup of resource-heavy games, use software such as RTSS which can display GPU and VRAM usage as on overlay in the top-left corner of your game. If you see your FPS dropping in certain areas or levels of the games, use RTSS to double-check whether or not you are VRAM-capped.
Again, this paragraph mostly applies to a few selection of Triple-A games in their highest presets. If you play multiplayer games, e-sport titles or anything that is older than let's say 2 years, you won't have to do much if any tuning.
VRAM usage during Content Creation
If you plan to use XMG FOCUS for content-creation, the situation is similarly relaxed with only a few caveats. Apart from 'big data' tasks such as machine learning, a typical situation where VRAM capacity might become a limiting factor might be in 3D modeling with extremely large textures sizes and output resolution. For example, if you plan to use Blender on a 4K screen, you might want to double check the VRAM usage of your current setup.

Comparison with XMG CORE and XMG FUSION XMG FOCUS has a few things in common with XMG CORE and XMG FUSION. All three series strife for a certain "no bells and whistles" paradigm and their starting price is lower than XMG NEO, PRO and ULTRA.
However, all 3 of them have different priorities in terms of storage, graphics, battery life and features.
The following table will show the major similarities and differences.
FOCUS 15 and 17 CORE 15 and 17 FUSION 15
Displays Full HD 144Hz Full HD 144Hz or WQHD 165Hz Full HD 144Hz
Maximum CPU i7-11800H i7-11800H or Ryzen 7 5800H i7-9750H
Maximum GPU RTX 3050 Ti RTX 3060 RTX 2070 (Max-Q)
Storage 1x M.2 SSD + 1x 2.5" SSD/HDD 2x M.2 SSD 2x M.2 SSD
Predominant chassis material Plastics Aluminum Metal and Plastics Magnesium-Alloy
Keyboard Membrane Modular Membrane Opto-Mechanical
Numpad ✔️ ✔️
LAN/RJ45 ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Thunderbolt ❌ / ✔️ (only with 11th Gen Intel Core) ✔️
Hybrid Graphics NVIDIA Optimus NVIDIA Optimus (can be disabled on some models) NVIDIA Optimus
SD Card Reader Full-Size SD Full-Size SD Full-Size SD
Weight [kg] 15" 1.89 + 17" 2.39
Battery Capacity 49 Wh 62 Wh 93 Wh
Power Supply 150 W 180 W 230 W
For a more complete portfolio overview and spec comparison, check out this table (has multiple tabs at the top for all product series).

Configure & Buy Please check out these links to see more pictures, the full spec sheet and all configuration options:
If you have already pre-ordered XMG FOCUS, we are looking forward to your user-review. :-)

Your Feedback RTX 3050 Ti was launched as a highly efficient laptop GPU in May 2021 but it took us 4 months to finally get the product out. We are excited to finally reveal this product series to our community. It also serves as a kind of 'spiritual successor' to our old XMG ADVANCED line-up which has not been updated since 2017 but which used to be our 'bread & butter' product category. We hope that XMG FOCUS can re-establish our position in the entry-level segment, both in our own BTO online shop and for our fixed-config reseller partners.
If you have any questions about XMG FOCUS series, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you for your feedback!
// Tom
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2021.09.19 16:22 MrLazyTiger What are the highest damage spells in the game? Is there anything higher/better than Stormbolts and Ray of Halberds?

Thank you:)
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2021.09.19 16:22 Straight_One_8911 Buy more gpus or invest directly in crypto?

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2021.09.19 16:22 switzcheez The elusive Atlus Pri-Cla gameboy pocket.

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2021.09.19 16:22 _Trevor31 G#mer once again telling me to kill my$elf.

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2021.09.19 16:22 bruhahahahaha55555 One of the funniest comments i ever saw

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2021.09.19 16:22 feminist_pizzaRK beyler instada biri beni bi gruba almıştı bunları söyledi bende küfür edip çıktım bişi olmaz dimi

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2021.09.19 16:22 he_who_remain Big Bully Nia Jax chokes out "the boss" Sasha Banks

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2021.09.19 16:22 mrzpzp My day

First, I wake up. Then, I get dressed. I walk to school. I do not ride a bike. I do not ride the bus. I like to go to school. It rains. I do not like rain. I eat lunch. I eat a sandwich and an apple.
I play outside. I like to play. I read a book. I like to read books. I walk home. I do not like walking home. My mother cooks soup for dinner. The soup is hot. Then, I go to bed. I do not like to go to bed.
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