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Feeling like a psychedelic kick in while doing breath work

2021.11.29 05:20 mickey1992g Feeling like a psychedelic kick in while doing breath work

Hey everyone I’m new to this and today I went into YouTube and saw a video of a guy explains how to do kundalini breathing or pranayama. So I did it and after a few breathings I started holding my breath and I felt like a psychedelic kicks in I mean I know the feeling I’v done ayahuasca and San Pedro before and it’s like my body was vibrating like crazy and the there was explosion of energy but every time it got too intense I just stopped it because I didn’t know if what I’m doing is right or maybe I’m doing something dangerous I could almost faint I felt Can some one relate to what I’m saying ?
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2021.11.29 05:20 unAcceptablyOK Disgusting Customer Service

It’s been nearly a week and I still haven’t received the funds which I deposited into my XRP wallet on the crypto.com app… I’ve been in the chat, it says 1 day for a reply… it’s going on 5 days now with no response.
Changelly and Banxa confirm the transaction was successful, and I forwarded the link to the transaction details on xrpscan.
Who’s balls do I need to fondle to get decent customer service and a response in a reasonable timeframe?
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2021.11.29 05:20 abunchofnumbers0 Is there anywhere I can see a breakdown of server population for SoM servers?

Hey y’all.
Like the title says I am currently playing on Nightfall SoM server and i want to know the breakdown.
Any help will be appreciated!
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2021.11.29 05:20 XanthosGambit Does anyone know who the voice actor for the IAE Display Boards is?

I think it's Gregory Alan Williams (Cliff Briscoe from Fallout: New Vegas) but I might just be aurally biased.
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2021.11.29 05:20 jwsm3x6 I’m having a hard time with retroactive jealousy

I’m (18f) and having a really hard time with jealousy over my boyfriends (17m) past and these things are effecting my jealousy currently in our relationship. He has a few friends that he said he used to like and find attractive or whatever and I couldn’t stop obsessing that he was still friends with someone he was once attracted to, it was so bad that I cried two nights in a row and kept it from him because I didn’t want to seem jealous. When I told him he removed the specific girl i was crying about, I told him he didn’t have to even tho I wanted him to but he still did. Another instant is one of his bestfriends, at first it was fine but then I found out he’s seen her in her underwear, another time I saw a picture of him choking her, and then I found out they’ve slept in the same bed and cuddled before and this whole thing made me really uncomfortable and my hate for her ruined his friendship with her. I feel absolutely awful and toxic as fuck but the jealousy is so strong and I can’t change it and if I don’t say anything about it I’m just in the slums and sad as fuck continuously fixated on the exact thing that’s making me jealous. I found out that I wasn’t the first person to give him a hand job as well and that really tore me , I was deep down extremely jealous. I just wish I wasn’t so jealous I want to change it so bad but it’s so hard, it’s taking a toll, I feel like shit because I make him feel bad for things when he can’t change them cause they’re in the past. There are a few things that haven’t been in the past like he had this girl in his friends list that he talked to in the beginning of our relationship that he previously received nudes from and liked, she was also obsessed with him and this really upset me but other than a few things it’s all been retrospective and I feel so bad. This is my first relationship ever so I have no clue how to deal with this, I had no clue the jealousy would be like this and honestly I’m just hurting myself. I wish I could just change my feelings.
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2021.11.29 05:20 ContentForager2 SEASON 2 JANUARY 9TH (/r/euphoria)

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2021.11.29 05:20 Jello_Mean Is it okay to not get morning wood ?

(20M) I have had some morning woods but they are pretty rare and even if i do its even more rare i am erect 100%. When i looked into it i got worried a bit because guys online usually say they have morning wood often. I did check my testosterone levels and they are more than good. I have had some experiences not keeping an erection while with a girl but i would think thats mostly because of anxiety i sometimes have. I also have slightly low blood pressure but nothing serious. Other than that, im perfectly healthy, work out 3-4 times a week and get about 6-8 hours of sleep every day. So is it normal ? And how can i make the situation better if its not?
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2021.11.29 05:20 Just-Sprinkles-5828 Well sum a bizatch!!! Waited and waited... I wonder what these NFT's will be worth post MOASS 🤔.

Well sum a bizatch!!! Waited and waited... I wonder what these NFT's will be worth post MOASS 🤔. submitted by Just-Sprinkles-5828 to amcstock [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 05:20 lilcj123 What is her new social? I think her ig is deleted?

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2021.11.29 05:20 TrendsWide Prince Charles touches down in Barbados to remove his mother Queen Elizabeth as head of state

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2021.11.29 05:20 Miniotta How to add random images in Github profile page

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2021.11.29 05:20 Hfjsjamrj Formation help

Formation help submitted by Hfjsjamrj to 7kglobal [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 05:20 TrendsWide Memphis beats Kings despite Morant’s absence

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2021.11.29 05:20 Nelliebooboo Looking for anyone who has family or has grown up in Leeds,AL; specifically in regards to personal accounts of residents of Leeds, AL who may have been affected negatively, cancer for example, by the Superfund Site, ILCO, (Interstate Lead Co.) that is there?

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2021.11.29 05:20 ShmeatDealer I made my cat an NFT

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2021.11.29 05:20 Games-on Is PTR dead or is it not working just for me?

Is PTR dead or is it not working just for me? submitted by Games-on to newworldgame [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 05:20 Trademark147 On the show feeling Stagnant...

I’ve seen a lot of posts or complaints from people who think the show is running in circles and I’d just like to say I understand the complaints, to and extent, but I’m not sure I can agree with until we end the season. I feel like the season waving away or undercutting a lot of the big plot threads is a statement on the rot and stagnation that comes with being a cog in such a powerful corporate machine. We’ve seen tons of real world analogues to Waystar, and we know these people rarely face consequences. Logan is an institution unto himself, and whatever we thought Kendall had, it wasn’t enough, whatever Shiv thought she could change, she can’t, Roman has found what he thinks is success by being his Dad’s lapdog, never change or challenge. Tom and Greg are realizing they exist as expendable collateral damage to these people and are at a crossroads of whether or not the the benefits they receive outweigh the danger the Roy’s put them in. So while the real world stakes bounce off the Roy’s, the emotional stakes are building and building to some sort of massive, maybe devastating release, what that is, and whether or not it’ll be satisfying are yet to be seen, and I’d tell anyone worried to have patience! I have faith, but I’ve loved the last 3 or 4 episodes, so maybe people want different things out of TV.
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2021.11.29 05:20 TrendsWide NBA: Warriors cheat: playing with Curry shouldn’t be allowed

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2021.11.29 05:20 SuperUser2112 [Python EDA] GroupBy Unique Method for Intelligent Price Monitoring | Business Case with Code Examples

[Python EDA] GroupBy Unique Method for Intelligent Price Monitoring | Business Case with Code Examples submitted by SuperUser2112 to learnmachinelearning [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 05:20 Fguyretftgu7 Why I think "hype" DOES affect my enjoyment of media

Now recently I've that there's an increasing number of opinions stating how hype doesn't actually ruin anything for anyone, and how calling something "overrated" or "underrated" is wrong.
Well, I respectfully disagree to that statement. Hype DOES affect my enjoyment to a piece of media. Personally, quality isnt the only thing affecting how I feel about a piece of media. There are a plethora of other factors too, such as my mood, the environment I'm in, etc. Hype too, is one of them. As much as I hate to admit it, I get annoyed when people hype things up, because it feels like I'm missing out on something. And when I finally start watching a hyped up show, my expectations are set really high, and when they don't meet my expectations, I view it as overhyped. It doesn't sound nice, because if we live in a perfect world, one should judge a piece of media solely for its quality, but sadly human beings aren't built that way.
With that said, I'm pretty it's a "me" thing. Maybe I'm just pettier than other people, who are able to let things like hype not affect their enjoyment. With that said, I don't think it's right to just assert that hype doesn't affect one's enjoyment, since that might not be the case for everyone.
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2021.11.29 05:20 BoneheadBanjo Matchmaking in Arena

Hey guys! I'm ranked in low Silver and my wife in high Platinum.
When we play Arena together I'm getting destroyed every game. Not so much in quick play.
Are we being matched with Platinum players because of my wife's rank? Or does it take our party's average and matches us with gold players?
I wish it would show each player's rank before the game starts...
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2021.11.29 05:20 hikikomorimaxboop what are words / phrases commonly used in fanfiction?

curious cuz i wanna write a fic but without using any of those words. i mean something like: - orbs as a substitute for eyes - brunette / blackette / bluenette / etc - "they let out a breath they didn't know they held"
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2021.11.29 05:20 hsmithakl Which NZ bird are you?

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