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In desperate need of all your best tips!!

2022.01.28 06:31 beeswithblah In desperate need of all your best tips!!

I have an exam coming up next month. I’ve finally been slowly studying after two whole years of doing nothing and wasting away, nearly failing in several exams. I’m graduating this year and scoring well in the next exam is super important if I want to get into a good university.
Just earlier I was trying to study physics and literally felt like crying because I could not, for the life of me, manage to remember anything. I spent half an hour on a single page and after that I couldn’t remember anything of what I’ve studied. It really makes me feel so hopeless but I really want to do well. Does anyone have any good and effective study tips I can use?
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2022.01.28 06:31 duongvt Server-Server and Client-Server HB at the same time?

Hello guys, the question is the same as the title. Can a publisher using 2 methods at the same time?
Much appreciated.
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2022.01.28 06:31 -noiwont-- " When you are charged " - Link Click option not available

Hi all.
I have just started looking into social media marketing for our new gifting business. Neither I, nor the 2 people I work with have experience with Facebook ads. We are currently trying to setup some traffic and conversion ads on Facebook but only see the option to be charged for Impressions under " When you are charged " and the Link Click (CPC) option is greyed out.
We did see that $10 needs to be spent on impressions first for new accounts which we have spent yesterday and see in the billing section that $10 was charged. But the Link Click option still won't work.
Trying to understand what we are missing. Do we need to wait longer? Spend more? Turn off Dynamic Creative or A/B Testing? Any solutions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 06:31 Holala13 From the creators of "Buccafar", I present to you...

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2022.01.28 06:31 TrustRecruit TrustRecruit- Tokenizing your resumes

TrustRecruit- Tokenizing your resumes https://preview.redd.it/ucszkrgaeee81.png?width=887&format=png&auto=webp&s=3f3c68b78eb3365bfc231b80417e075dc0261239
We are delighted to announce the World’s First Blockchain-Certified and AI-matched Trusted NFT Resume Marketplace.
Read more
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2022.01.28 06:31 punkstarpeep are u underground listener or mainstream listener?

most of Peep fans are underground listeners we everyone know this, but vote )
View Poll
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2022.01.28 06:31 Resident_Cup740 Headliners upgrade question

In this case I’m asking about Luis Diaz, I know his card won’t change immediately if he does sign for liverpool, but will it change if/when Liverpool get the 4 win streak or is it solely reliant on him getting an in form whilst being a liverpool player?
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2022.01.28 06:31 KCTurkeyTL 'KuCoin x Survival Game Online Listeleme Kutlaması: 10.000 SURV + 40 NFT Çekilişi!' Twitter Etkinliği

'KuCoin x Survival Game Online Listeleme Kutlaması: 10.000 SURV + 40 NFT Çekilişi!' Twitter Etkinliği
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2022.01.28 06:31 NewsElfForEnterprise Europe's Tech Stocks Set for Biggest Monthly Drop in More Than 13 Years

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2022.01.28 06:31 YeeYeeBeep Will PZ Become The New State Of Decay For You All Soon?

With the addition of NPCs SoonTM will many of you people stop playing State Of Decay for this game? Dont get me wrong SoD1+2 are good games but I feel personally this game has them beat just for the modding scene alone. I enjoy the atmosphere and combat much better and I feel we will have a much better experience building our bases in PZ with he addition of NPCs and MP. MP has been a blast so I cant wait for NPCs.
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2022.01.28 06:31 shinramyeons GE (SOC SCI 1/2, ARTS 1, FIL 40, ENG 13, SPEECH 30) PREROG

PLEASE NAGMAMAKAAWA. I'm still underload with 8.0 units and I need at least one GE course. Please if you know any prof who accepts prerog in SOC SCI 1/2, ARTS 1, FIL 40, ENG 13, SPEECH 30, PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIN. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.
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2022.01.28 06:31 celian_stremon White lion was relaxing on a relatively mild spring day at the Toronto Zoo.

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2022.01.28 06:31 ff_frescofud Taxi Dispatch Software

Upgrade grow your taxi cab business with modern advanced cloud-based taxi dispatch system/software. Our software is a 100% fully customizable & white label solution, and you can automate, manage control of any type size of the fleet.
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2022.01.28 06:31 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.28 06:31 MarshallBrain Robot performs first laparoscopic surgery without human help

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2022.01.28 06:31 Tao_Dragon With the James Webb Space Telescope, Humanity Did the Right Thing

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2022.01.28 06:31 zash01 Day 7, Wallpaper 2

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2022.01.28 06:31 Living-Ad6928 Help

How do I get the super wrench in ravenfield v26
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2022.01.28 06:31 LoveMangaBuddy Read Oshi no Ko - Chapter 69 - MangaBuddy

The story begins with a beautiful girl, her perfectly fake smile, and the people who love her selfishly for it.
What transpires behind the scenes of the glittering showbiz industry? How far would you go for the sake of your beloved idol? What would you do if you found out reincarnation was real? The star of the show is Aquamarine Hoshino and the stage is but a mere facade. Will he manage to re ... Read Oshi no Ko - Chapter 69 - MangaBuddy. Read more at https://mangabuddy.com/oshi-no-ko/chapter-69
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2022.01.28 06:31 BigNeedlefish518 How do I get my partner to let me go to sleep?

So I have to commute to my college by train and the earliest train is at 7:45. I have told them that I need to sleep. And they have gotten mad at me for dozing off while together. And they typically keep me up till 3. I have told them that this isn’t a enough sleep. So now our nights just feel like them getting mad at me for trying sleep and me getting annoyed at them for keeping me up. They do apologize and say sorry for keeping me up. But I just don’t know what to do. Their classes are all online so they don’t have to commute. I feel bad as they Have told me that it is hard for them to go to sleep due to their anxiety and talking to me helps them. I just don’t know what to do. I really love my partner with all my heart. They are the best thing in my life right now. But iI need advice.
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2022.01.28 06:31 br4tty_ (UK) 21, looking for a sugar daddy !! 🥰happy to verify

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2022.01.28 06:31 100_each Silhouette Figures - by 100 each - opensea.io

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2022.01.28 06:31 ZoolShop Federal judge cancel oil and gas leases in Gulf of Mexico citing climate crisis

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2022.01.28 06:31 Amy_pond9 How do I make it more fun?

Hi! How would you make a walking date more fun? I get walking around holding hands and sightseeing, but how could we have some fun while keeping it romantic?
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2022.01.28 06:31 STANKY_SEA People need to stop pushing for rdr2 to be a movie.

I don't know why the hell people want rdr2 as a movie. It LITERALLY would not work. Almost every single movie adaptation of a game didn't work because games are meant to tell a longer story. IIRC, rdr2 is like 9 hours of main story cutscenes or some shit. JUST cutscenes, no gameplay. How tf are you gonna tell the entire 9 hours of important dialogue in 2 hours. Tbh, I'm not even hopeful for the uncharted movie, regardless of how much I fucking love that game series, but I just have a feeling it might not work.
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