A New Zealand ad promoting donating blood

2022.01.28 06:08 The-Roon A New Zealand ad promoting donating blood

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2022.01.28 06:08 177777717 Que pueden decirme sobre la venganza?

Supongo que me terminará consumiendo, aunque sé que al final no vale la pena y casi siempre le hago caso a mi razón, voy a ignorar todo eso.
Como dijo Cerbero: "Ahora es necesario pa' cumplir con lo que el corazón me implora"
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2022.01.28 06:08 thewolfofgreystreet Half year report

Interim Results
Chill Brands Group, the international consumer packaged goods company, is pleased to announce its interim results for the six months ending 30 September 2021 (the "Period").
Strong Revenue Growth
Revenues for the six-month period ended 30 September 2021 increased to £1,073,872, more than an 18x increase vs. the £54,554 in revenues that the company reported for the same period in 2020, and an increase of more than 230% as compared to the £320,875 in revenues that the Company reported in its last full fiscal year.
These significant increases in revenues were achieved despite the COVID-19 pandemic, logistical issues, and challenging market conditions which negatively affected inventory and distribution.
Chill Attracts World Class Consumer Brand Executives and Advisors
Chill Brands has undergone a remarkable journey of change and development this fiscal year which has attracted to the Company some of the leading executives in the global brands industry.
Recently, we were very fortunate to add Michael Sandore as Chief Commercial Officer. Mr. Sandore is a CPG sales leader, having led retail and wholesale sales programmes first at Anheuser-Busch InBev and later at the industry leading vapour company, Juul Labs. In leading our commercial sales business, Michael will develop data-backed sales strategies that are focused on gaining market share. His deep understanding of our sector and unparalleled insight into the retail sales environment will not only take our products to market but also equip our partners with everything they need to improve sell-through rates.
We are also proud to welcome Mr. Scott E. Thompson who recently joined the Chill Brands Board as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Mr. Thompson has almost forty years of intellectual property law experience and is recognized by the World Trademark Reporter as one of the top 300 trademark attorneys in the world. He was most recently General Counsel, Intellectual Property/Marketing Properties for Mars Inc., where he oversaw the global intellectual property/marketing properties for all of the Company's businesses, and enhanced global licensing and compliance program for all Mars brands, including M&M's World Stores.
Mr. Thompson served as counsel for some of the world's largest brands including Philip Morris Companies, Colgate-Palmolive and GlaxoSmithKline. At GlaxoSmithKline, Mr. Thompson served as Vice President, Global Trademarks, and as global head of 50-person tri-location trademark department responsible for trademark, copyright, unfair competition, and Internet and Intranet matters for world's second-largest pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company.
At Colgate-Palmolive, he served as Vice President and Associate General Counsel, where he managed the department responsible for global trademark, copyright, unfair competition, and Internet matters.
At Philip Morris, Mr. Thompson served as Assistant General Counsel, where he was responsible for trademark, copyright, unfair competition, and advertising issues, and had jurisdiction over tobacco products worldwide and food, beer, clothing, and miscellaneous products outside of the United States.
In addition to acting as the lead lawyer for a number of the world's largest brands, Thompson was also a partner at the global law firm Greenberg Traurig and is currently a partner and Co-Chair of the Intellectual Property Team at Lippes Mathias LLP. His education includes a degree in communications from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor degree from Brooklyn Law School.
In September 2021 we appointed the leading cannabis investment firm, Viridian Capital Partners, as Chill Brands' chief advisors. Viridian's impressive track record in the cannabis industry makes them an ideal partner for Chill, while their expertise in capital raising, M&A transactions, and business development is an essential component of our go-forward strategy. Scott Greiper (Viridian's founder and president) and his team have already helped us to build the structures and processes that will enable the Company to grow, and we are grateful for their ongoing support. Mr. Greiper and his team are currently engaged in a number of initiatives that will improve the Company's Corporate Governance credentials and further announcements will be made in due course.
We are also pleased to have appointed Rhino Marketing to help us sculpt Chill into an iconic and memorable brand. Rhino's Thomas Hensey and Tim Ransom are veterans of the CPG industry and are the names behind some of the most recognisable marketing campaigns in history. They now work together with our internal team to create brand assets that will help Chill build a community, conquer the relaxation space, and ultimately sell more products.
Chill now benefits from the support of CPG professionals with the experience necessary to build a successful, self-sustaining business. We are excited to expand our team further with best-in-class candidates and look forward to announcing new appointments in due course.
The Chill Model
As with any CPG company, Chill Brands' model is based on the sale of its products - specifically those made via the convenience store (c-store) and e-commerce retail channels.
Online Sales
The acquisition of Chill.com has been a catalyst for major change, bringing new opportunities that will shape the Company's future. It is widely known that online retail is growing at a faster rate than sales in brick-and-mortar locations while also providing direct access to millions of consumers across the world. With an unforgettable domain name and targeted marketing, Chill has the opportunity to provide 24/7 access to product categories that have traditionally struggled to reach markets beyond the convenience store environment. Global online sales of tobacco have more than doubled since 2017, while growth of the multi-billion dollar reduced-risk products (RRPs) category provides a compelling case for a model built around e-commerce.
Our priority is to make Chill.com the premier destination for lifestyle and tobacco alternative products including CBD, tobacco-free nicotine (TFN) and others that are currently in development. We are committed to building on the existing power of the domain which reached Google's first page of results for US 'Chill' searches within just weeks of activation. This work will include an overhaul of our site and its positioning, ensuring that it wins market share with a stellar user experience, unbeatable search engine optimisation, and high conversion rates. In turn, the site will provide valuable data that will allow us to sharpen our operating model and sales strategies.
We have already seen the benefits of a digital-first approach. Order volumes have increased steadily since the July 2021 acquisition of the site and the average Chill.com customer spends more than $40 per online transaction. Crucially, these sales sit within an ecosystem and supply chain that we control. So long as the internet is up and postal services are running, Chill.com will be online and selling regardless of external factors affecting the retail market.
Physical Retail
The c-store channel has acted as the cornerstone of Chill Brands' business, proving the demand for the Company's products. Chill SKUs have been recognised as top performers in the retail programmes of our distribution partners, while Chill CBD Flavour Pouches beat hundreds of products to win second place in the CSP 2021 Retailer Choice Best New Product Award.
The hiring of a retail sales leader is already providing immeasurable benefit to the company by assessing, refining and adapting our retail strategy using his breadth of experience. We are committed to the physical retail channel under his leadership. His methodical and deliberate strategy will help Chill Brands overcome pressures of COVID-19 pandemic and widespread global logistics issues have made it increasingly difficult to distribute to our physical retail partners at scale. Cost increases and capital commitments that are challenging even the largest CPG conglomerates have weighed heavily on our decisions as we work with trusted advisors to build a roadmap. With the benefit of new intelligence and guidance, it has become clear that it is not in the best interests of the Company or its shareholders to pursue the rollout timeline announced in February 2021.
This does not mean that Chill Brands is stepping away from physical retail. Notwithstanding this strategic decision, all previously announced distribution agreements remain in place, and we will continue to activate new stores and territories in line with a comprehensive business plan that has been devised by Mr Sandore, one of the most capable minds in the CPG space. We will also provide enhanced support to more than 2,500 retailers and distributors that already stock Chill products, enabling them to reach more consumers and sell our products in higher volumes.
Store count is no longer the sole route to success for Chill Brands, but it remains a key pillar of our model. As part of this realignment the Company will focus not on one sales channel but on the wider goals of revenue generation and market penetration. By supporting retailers and winning online, we will widen our funnel while maintaining a strong financial position that will lead to continued growth.
Chill is the combination of a powerful brand, a driven and experienced team, and products at the forefront of the world's fastest growing consumer category. As we look back on the first half of this financial year, we are also firmly focused on the future and making changes that will propel the Company on to greater success. Through persistent execution of marketing and sales strategies, Chill Brands will become an iconic brand synonymous with creating a "Chill State of Mind" - a mindset advanced by the freedom and choice offered to our customers through lifestyle marketing and innovative products.
This is the moment at which Chill Brands matures into a focused and fully operational CPG company with aspirations to join the ranks of the world's largest brands. In the coming weeks we will continue to build our model alongside an investment case that reaffirms the decisions of existing long-term holders and attracts new ones. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders for their ongoing support and restate our belief that Chill Brands has a bright and prosperous future ahead.
Full results can be found in the link below
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2022.01.28 06:08 kernl_panic PSA: PFCs in Patagonia casual wear

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2022.01.28 06:08 okkb00mer does anyone who has these use them on general houseplants as well as cacti?

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2022.01.28 06:08 endless_universe Playback and window controls not showing on mouse over in windowed playback on M1 Pro / Monterey 12.2 / VLC 3.0.16. They show up only in full-screen mode. Any cure for this?

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2022.01.28 06:08 Legogutt2000 Looking for build tips for "optimal" use of demon path and its polymorphs.

Is it wise to focus on a single one? if so which? strength stacking seems plausible though dualwield also.
They dont seem to grant you their feats so i gotta build for the polymorph specifically it would seem. (Balor for instance)
Also, what class compliments it best? currently minmaxed 16 eldritch scion magus, 4 dragon disciple, strength stacking build. Main issue is that my current build makes profane gift give dex and cha rather than strength which is a 6 bonus to strength lost. I am human for race, little point in kitsune as the polymorphs should give mythic morph master effect just the same. Though i am unsure if it works or not. as either i am blind or its not showing up in the stat sheet.
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2022.01.28 06:08 ImmoPotam Maison de ville de 106m² (5P) à Nancy (54)

En exclusivité, Le Pass Immobilier présente une maison de ville de 106m² (5P) à proximité de la place de la commanderie à Nancy (54).
Retrouvez l'article complet gratuitement sur : ImmoPotam.com.
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2022.01.28 06:08 DarkSide-DarthVader Nobody has ever had as much fun at a party as these two are having at this party

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2022.01.28 06:08 HowToBehaive 1st date tomorrow and it's at a restaurant. I don't know what to do with my hands.

TLDR: Have a first date at a restaurant tomorrow and it feels so formal I'm intimidated.
I(m32) haven't been on a formal first date in years. I've always gone for casual drinks or just had them come over for the horizontal dance and we eventually fall into a relationship.
Anyways I bumped into this beautiful girl(f24??) at the grocer that works at a shop I frequent. I thought we had a connection but my friends have drilled it into me to not ask women out at the gym and their work so I never went for it and just figured she was simply doing her job and is friendly.
But when we bumped into each other we hit it off and I asked if she wanted to go out and she jumped on it. Told me to put my number in her phone, she immediately texted me and we set up a date quickly - I'm honestly impressed with how straight forward she is.
I offered a casual drink or dinner and she picked dinner. So, obviously I'm a little nervous because things feel formal. Like there's mutual attraction and interest but having the 1st date take place at a restaurant makes me feel like a little intimated.
I respect that she knows what she wants, typically I date shy meek women and she seems much more confidant and extroverted.
My friends have repeatedly said I need to date women who are more extroverted because the shy ones have a hard time with my boisterous personality once the power struggle phase hits.
So this is probably good but it's new terrain for me.
Anyone have some tips for me? I'm guessing pay for everything and don't reveal my opinion on who controls the media (the Amish).
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2022.01.28 06:08 neilbaldwn iPhone SE User: playback fails due to everything being transcoded

I added a friend to my account and every time she tries to play my hosted content it fails with a transcoding error. She's not the only friend I have on my account and they don't have the same issues. She has 'Direct Play' enabled but other than that I couldn't see any other related client-side settings. Is there something server-side I need to look at also?
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2022.01.28 06:08 uonflour Why was my dough gritty?

I made milk bread. Had high gluten flour, sugar, salt, dry active yeast, egg, milk made from dried milk powder, and I think that's all. While kneading I felt gritty granules similar to when I use whole wheat (atta) flour sometimes in flour recipes. What was the grit?
It was underkneaded, and I added in the butter after kneading the bread because I forgot about it. Also noticeably sweeter in some patches.
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2022.01.28 06:08 Dalekboyd Still getting the hang of polishing amber since it’s so fragile

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2022.01.28 06:08 jomstums Need help please

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2022.01.28 06:08 yungbeeno i want to return an item since 4 days but the service does not reply, 3 more days and i lose 37$

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2022.01.28 06:08 hhh333 Conseiller(ère) au développement économique recherché(e) à Valleyfield

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2022.01.28 06:08 eindigo What should I do about my mum purposefully misgendering my friends?

I (23F) used to work for a community organisation supporting LGBTQ+ youth, and I use they/she pronouns. Every time I have brought up my friends and mentioned pronouns, my mum (56F) refuses to use the right ones, and continues to use the wrong ones, which makes me want to let her know my preferred pronouns even less. I’d be worried about ever bringing friends over, even a partner if she’s going to be like this. Is it an argument worth having? The way I see it is that she doesn’t have to agree with preferred pronouns in order to use the correct ones and be respectful.
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2022.01.28 06:08 orangetmofficial i bet jj played one of em

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2022.01.28 06:08 Rumiyano 1/29 - Complete Resource Stages to get Event Token: New Year Present

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2022.01.28 06:08 Karuinekom can the spam of "stuck in eden" stop?

having said that, i'm not trying to scoff at the players that are just searching for help, i personally was the first one that got stuck in eden for about one hour, panicking 'cause the statue was telling that i should have completed the cutscenes and yadda- to go back to the "normal sky" with a timer below, please switch user stop spamming that you got stuck there waiting for an answer. after searching for youtube videos, failing to get a proper solution i came to the subreddit and searched "stuck in eden switch" the first result is some kind redditor that explained the problem.
also, the mods literally pinned a couple of days ago a post with the know issues TGC will try to fix in the next future, with a detailed solution. it's getting kind of annoying to see at least one post about it every day :/
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2022.01.28 06:08 Huldera ❤️🌌

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2022.01.28 06:08 Elina_re Do you like avocado toast?🥑

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2022.01.28 06:08 Dark_Access000 Life/study problem

During the pandemic i like countless students bailed on studying i am in 12 rn but i haven't studied anything since 11. Now everything seems far. I got online classes rn but dont know if i should study that or from the beginning or what subject or anything....please help me. I got 7 subjects and i know nth from any subject i got major exmas in 100 days exactly i just need to know how or what to study
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2022.01.28 06:08 Jazzadazza 800 Point Battle Report! Rivendell vs Barad-dur!

Hey All,
Another Friday, another themey match up. In this battle report Gil-Galad and Elrond with some kings guard and Rivendell knights take on Sauron leading the forces of Barad-dur alongside a troll chieftain.
For your second age viewing pleasure!
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2022.01.28 06:08 YourTypicalGearhead An offer you'll probably refuse

Hello there, I've got an interesting budget PC build that I've been working on for a few years and I think you may be intrigued. So I grew up in a lower class family as the youngest child, so as you may guess I've never been the kid who gets new toys or electronics, it was all hand me downs. My computer growing up were laptops that my older siblings did not want anymore. When I left highschool I became very determined to build my own pc, however upon seeing the prices of new pc parts I realized I was going to have to get creative. I started asking around my friends and when my best friend said he'll give me his old Asus Prime a320m-k Motherboard and Ryzen 5 1500x cpu. That was the start I needed to get motivated. Soon later another buddy was offering a Asus R9 270x 2gb gpu in exchange for some work to his car, an oil change and detail later I had the next biggest part for a pc. All I needed was the rest lol, I don't remember exactly where the ram, hdd, ssd, and misc parts came from but they were all trades, gifts, or i did work for them. My pc has been great to me for years until lately when I tried streaming on it for the first time and it wasn't happy at all. Moral of the story is that this is a “free” pc build, and I want to use the internet to open the build up to your contributions. I dont have money because I don't make very much and I got hella bills, but I do have a really cool coin collection and a bunch of foreign money that I've collected over the years. If you have any parts laying around that might be an upgrade to my pc and want to trade it for cool coins please let me know. Thanks for reading all the way through, best wishes.
TL;DR. You have pc parts, i have cool coins, lets trade?
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