Are Walmart’s Goodyear Reliant All-Season tires good?

2022.01.28 04:44 ryanmasseyftw Are Walmart’s Goodyear Reliant All-Season tires good?

I need to get a new set of tires for my car and just had a new battery installed yesterday, and my Walmart did pretty good. The Reliant has good reviews and they’re only $81 a tire for my size and car. Has anyone bought these tires from Walmart, and are they good?
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2022.01.28 04:44 velvetlouves I hate when influencers make out that ADHD is something quirky & say it if they just can’t concentrate

Hope I’m not the only one who gets annoyed at this but I’ve seen quite a few influencers make out that ADHD is some quirky personality trait even though they have no clue what it’s ACTUALLY like.
However my point is that some influencers need to be careful with what they are saying because saying stuff like this and making the term ‘quirky’ can sound offensive.
I’m not fully diagnosed with ADHD, I only have an autism diagnosis but I do experience some of the traits due to them overlapping.
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2022.01.28 04:44 jeshields SciFi - Dirty Quadriped Droid with Staff and Goat

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2022.01.28 04:44 AdOk9902 Guys just because I got my forklift driver certification doesn’t mean you can suck my dick I just want to drive my forklift.. 😔

Guys just because I got my forklift driver certification doesn’t mean you can suck my dick I just want to drive my forklift.. 😔 submitted by AdOk9902 to teenagersbutpog [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 04:44 -Zenrax- Greetings from Stormhold!

We are the Imperial Principality of Stormhold, a small, sovereign community of some one dozen people that has existed in some continuous form since 1999, with our most recent major change being a unification of various splinter groups in 2014, which lead directly to our present state. Our headquarters are currently in Texas, although that has changed intermittently during the past six years.
Some of the older micronations in this community may recognize us from our more forward-facing identity of Zenrax that we assumed following our unification and subsequent federalization in the months following late 2014. We've since de-federalized and returned to our roots (name included) as a small unified community not bound to tiny spits of land in the middle of nowhere. (Whether that will change in the future is an open question.)
Like most other micronations, we're a constitutional monarchy, with myself serving as Imperial Prince. Our government has a nominal legislature that also acts as the executive arm of government, with occasional elections to confirm our long-term mandate to continue governing our quiet, tiny community. Although our internal activity leaves much to be desired, we pride ourselves in the extremely high quality of our citizens. Myself among them, our ranks include military veterans and other types of experienced professionals. Although we're older people who've done this stuff for years, we still use our community as a forum for ideas, as a mode of outreach to share our ideals and extensive expertise with others, and as a vehicle for us to collectively act as a reliable ally for our long-term partners.
As for myself, I am a highly qualified business professional on the side, while I complete a second master's degree in international relations. Other notable members of our current government include our Viceroy, who works in aerospace and graphics design, our Foreign Minister, who works in medicine and biotech, and our Prime Minister, who is focusing on his efforts to successfully enter real-world, local politics in his home country. Additionally, most of us actively collaborate separately on a personal and national level with other micronational organizations.
That said, we rarely recruit actively, with our most recent recruitment drives dating to late 2019. With our consistently low internal activity, odds are we'll keep recruitment passive for the next couple years until we have enough collective resources to make a stronger real-world impact. However, we are still here to reach out to the community, and, in doing so, hopefully meet new people who can help us drive forward our ideals of improving the community through education, advice, and, for our partners, a reliable helping hand.

Best Regards,
The Imperial Prince of Stormhold
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2022.01.28 04:44 CluelessFlunky Positional value saftey or edge at 1.02

Im going to be honest I have deleted and restarted this post like 6 times. Each time coming to a different conclusion. I dont think i have ever been so split on a decision for the lions. I do not think I will truly know who I want until about a min before the draft.
But I am gonna take a crack at trying to determine who is truly the best value. There are 4 prospects at 1.02 I wouldnt hate lions taking.

Firstly, lions arent going to take Neal. He is a great prospect, maybe the best value in this class but it just doesnt make sense for lions to take him. Taylor decker is the Vet and a leader in that room. It could cause issues trying to replace a leader like him. We have build a good culture and I would like to keep it that way.
So in the end there are 3 guys on the table. Kayvon, Hutch and Hamilton.
This post is about comparing edge vs safety not Hutch vs Kayvon. Although I will say at this point I am leaning to Hutch over Kayvon. but that is besides the point. Im here to discuss whether or not we can take Kyle over edge in this class.
I would like to start off the conversation by discussing the rarity of the position. Elite edge prospect are one of the hardest prospect to find, but I would argue elite Safety might be hard. There are around 15 ish Elite edges in the league right now. On the other hand there are maybe like 6 or 7 elite safeties. And it could be argued its less. Elite safeties are much more rare of a prospect.
Even more so its much much much hard finding elite safeties than a good edge. Lions have two good edge right now for example and they are both expensive. That's a point we will revisit. There are good edges that make to FA or to mid first. That is a big issues for me. There is a difference between a elite edge and good edge.
I do not consider either Adian or Hutch to be elite prospects. Now they are very good prospect and with out a doubt worth a top 10 pick, but when I think of a elite edge prospect I just look back to the last 5 ish years.
I considered everyone of these guys to elite talents. guys with high ceiling, high floors and I was confident they would reach elite status.
When I watch KT/AH I do not feel the same way. I could see either having decently high ceiling, but i am not nearly as confident in either reaching the level. I would say im semi comfortable that they will be good players.
I also want to make it painfully clear, I love Hamilton as a prospect. I believe he is a elite prospect. He has the floor and ceiling. And I believe he lives up to the ceiling. This is my bias that some may not share.
So talent wise i am comparing a elite safety to good edge.
Everyone will have different opinion on this but I think having a elite safety will have a larger impact than a good edge. Lions have a good edge in Romeo, lets compare lions last elite safety in Glover. I would rather have glover than Romeo. I believe Glover had a bigger impact and made the defense better overall when compared to the effect Romeo brings. This is my opinion and i will not say its fact. That just my view on the situation.
Heres the thing though. We need to take into account the rookie contract. That imo is the final say to who lions take at 1.02.
Going back to the earlier comment of Romeo Vs Glover. If I add contract into the equation, there's a bit of a difference. Would I rather have a some what cheap good edge prospect or at cost if not over paid elite safety. Thats a harder question
I am going to be using Trevor Lawrence contract for comparison to help determine value. his Average yearly contract is 9.1 mil. I will be lining up these contract against the rest of the league to determine if we are getting a good deal for the player. This is the players contract for the next 4 years + 5th year option. That is a big part in determining their value.
first I want to take a look a edge contract around the league that are more than the rookie contract value. Im also including guys that will likely get a giant contract relatively soon.

AVG/Year millions
TJ watt 28
Joey Bosa 27
Myles Garret 25
Khalil Mack 23.5
Demarcus Lawrence 21
Frank Clark 20.8
Von Miller 19
Trey Flowers 18
Cameron Jordan 17.5
Arik Armstead 17
Shaq Barret 17
Za'Darius Smith 16.5
Bud Dupree 16.5
Chandler Jones 16.5
Leonard Floyd 16
Carl Lawson 15
Trey Hendrickson 15
Danielle Hunter 14.4
JJ Watt 14
Robert Quinn 14
John Franklin 13.75
Matt Judon 13.6
Josh Sweat 13.3
Yannick Ngakoue 13
Jason Pierre-Paul 12.5
Romeo Okwara 12.3
Jerry Hughes 10.75
Preston Smith 10.25
Brandon graham 9.25
The guys below are talented and are likely to get contracts soon above 9.25
Chase young
Nick Bosa
Bradley Chubb
Josh Allen
Max Crosby
Rashawn gary
there will be about 36 edges that will be getting paid above 9.1 mil a season.

AVG/Year millions
Jamal Adams 17.5
Harrison Smith 16
Justin Simmons 15.2
Budda Baker 14.7
Eddie Jackson 14.6
Kevin Byard 14.1
Tyrann Mathieu 14
Landon collins 14
Devin McCorty 11.5
John Johnson 11.2
Marus Maye *Franchise Tag 10.6
Marcus Williams *Franchise tag 10.6
Logan Ryan 10
Jordan Poyer 9.75
Micha Hyde 9.6
Jimmie Ward 9.5
Guys that will probably getting more than 9.1
Vonn Bell
Minkah Fitz
Darnell Savage
Derwin James
Jonahan Adams
Justine Reid
Tracy Walker
There are likely 23 guys making more than 9.1 mil soon

Alright time to put it together. This has my personal bias and opinions.
At the end of the day it all comes down to player grades. My grades show KH being elite and KY/AH being good prospects. With that projection I support taking Kyle at 1.02. Now if you believe AD/KT are elite and are likely to reach elite levels than you have to take edge. For me, I just dont have the confidence in AH or KT.
So that is that. I like Kyle and he is who I want at 2.... maybe
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2022.01.28 04:44 cuban828 Princeton 2015 review books

I just bought the princeton 2015 review book set for like $50. Are these still worth looking at? I am only starting to lightly study, as I am a sophomore that hasn't taken higher level chemistry/biology.
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2022.01.28 04:44 Motorhead1990 What exotic weapons should a get with the 3 Forsaken tokens?

I'm new to Destiny, what's the top 3 for PVE? And PVP?
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2022.01.28 04:44 madlove17 Both a nightmare and a possible haunting that I still remember even after graduation.

One night in 2014 during sophomore year my old roommate/bestie Jessica and I had nightmares on the same night but we lived in different dorms. My nightmare was just about a creepy male voice narrating how deep the ocean was as I kept sinking deeper into the ocean's depths with seaweed.
But Jessica's nightmare was worse. She had a nightmare of being at some party with these girls who were friends in the dream. She said there was a pregnant chick sitting with her in the back of the car when they left the party. They were all going home and were driving in the middle of no where like werewolf country.
It was a country road but the pregnant girl pointed to a man under a street light. It's like every few miles they kept seeing the same guy under the light. As if the nightmare kept repeating itself. Jess saw the man in overalls and plaid sweater, pale bald white man with the whites of his eyes, mouth open. The clock in the car was 6am. Jessica and I woke up around the same time at 6am.
Jessica felt like something was in her dorm and what's crazy is her then roommate Ale went to the bathroom and immediately returned since she felt like someone went into their room. Jess was so scared to move the blankets covering her head cuz she was afraid she'd see the man.
Ale whispered to her asking if she was awake and told Jess she felt a presence. They checked the room and no one was there. Just them and the 3rd roomie that was asleep. We went to school in the boonies and it's a rural farming town so who knows what's happened in the past. I just know the campus was once a golf course.
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2022.01.28 04:44 raredracula [settings : device] issue

hi! got an issue seemingly after update to N64 - settings : device wont load up. need to change device bc def one is now not supported by Summoners War
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2022.01.28 04:44 Karasu557 Calling it now

Big mom is going to be defeated before Fukurokuju
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2022.01.28 04:44 chupa-the-beast I'm just adding repost flair in case it's a repost

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2022.01.28 04:44 forthshuffle SLIM Asian teen rides THICK white dick inside inside the office

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2022.01.28 04:44 angel22121 Is anyone here still suffering from period changes after Covid shot? Please help!

I had a lap done Aug of last year and my period went through some changes but went back to my original cycle right away. then I had my covid shot after then I noticed period delays but I had pre spotting and post spotting. Spotting will last until 15 days. Half of the month. Anyone else have experience this and has it gone back to normal?
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2022.01.28 04:44 Big_Dish4113 Gelato Auto 26 days, Day 4 of LST. Should I thin the canopy?

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2022.01.28 04:44 Notesky Madonna - Into The Groove

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2022.01.28 04:44 Magdonia Hey guys, I made this yesterday...and just finished my first YouTube Video, watch it and tell your opinion

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2022.01.28 04:44 rockoutauto Tell me a little something about sign im new to astrology.

Capricorn rising, virgo moon and gemini ascendant
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2022.01.28 04:44 shane0810 Hi guys, I have my theory booked in for next month and I’m looking to start revising for it now. I’m looking at downloading apps off the App Store, but there’s so many. Any idea which is the best one? Thanks!

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2022.01.28 04:44 sajahet25 is the benjamin akela a bullpup variant of the cayden?

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2022.01.28 04:44 Iguessyoukn0wm3 Am I Shadowbanned

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2022.01.28 04:44 comeupcomtr Sezonun Gözdesi: Crop Top

Sezonun en sevilen parçalarından biri olan crop üstlerin neden bu kadar çok tercih edildiğini hiç merak ettiniz mi? İlk sebebi söyleyelim; performans özellikleriyle donatılan crop top modelleri hem egzersizlerde hem de gün içinde her anınıza eşlik etmek üzere tasarlanmıştır. Antrenman rutinlerinin vazgeçilmezi olan dikişsiz ve esnek kumaşa sahip crop üstler ile hareketlerinizde özgürleşebilir, nem yönetimi ve koku yapmayan kumaş özelliğine de sahipse, konforu maksimumda hissedebilirsiniz. Her anınıza kusursuz olarak eşlik eden crop üstler ile stilinizi gönlünüzce yansıtabilirsiniz. Örneğin özgün çizgilere sahip bir spor üst ile sportif stilinize farklı bir dokunuş yapabilir, rahat ve şık gözükmenin tadını çıkarabilirsiniz.
Crop Top Neden Bu Kadar Çok Seviliyor? Crop top giyildiği andan itibaren bağımlılık yapıyor diyebiliriz. Neden mi? Yumuşak ve hafif kumaşı olan, aynı zamanda bedene tam oturan kalıba sahip bir crop üst tercih ederek antrenman boyunca kendinizi konforlu hissetmek mümkün. Ayrıca dikişsiz dokusuyla daha rahat hareket etmenizi sağlayan crop top size şık bir görünüm katar. Bu crop top modellerini antrenmanlarınızın yanı sıra günlük hayatınızda da severek kullanabilirsiniz. Sportif şıklığınızı yükseltecek şekilde tasarlanmış, bedeninize tam oturan ve dikişsiz yapısıyla sadece spor esnasında değil gün boyu size eşlik eden crop toplar, spor kombinlerinizin favori parçalarından biri olacak.
Zarif tasarımıyla ön plana çıkan crop üstler, dikişsiz ve esnek yapısıyla size vazgeçemeyeceğiniz bir rahatlık sunar. Crop üst modellerini tayt ve sporcu sütyeni ile kullanarak göz alıcı spor kombinler yaratabilirsiniz. Spor kıyafetlerin vazgeçilmez parçalarından biri olan uzun kollu crop toplar, estetik tasarımı ile spor salonundan günün yoğun temposuna kadar, her anınıza eşlik etmek için tasarlandığı için bu parçalarla sportif şıklığınızı da yükseltebilirsiniz.
Crop Top Seçerken Nelere Dikkat Edilmeli?
Dikişsiz kumaş ile üretilen kadın spor üst tercih etmek ekstra konfor sunduğu gibi uzun kollu tasarıma ve ince detaylara sahip olanlar da hoş bir görünüm sunar.
İç göstermeyen kumaş yapısına sahip ürünler egzersiz esnasında kendinizi daha rahat hissetmenizi sağlar. Nem alıcı yapıya sahip ürünler ise teri vücuttan uzaklaştırır ve bu ürünlerin kumaşı hızlı kurur. Antrenman esnasında oluşan ter kokusunu ve kokuya neden olan bakteri oluşumunu engellemek için akıllı koku giderme teknolojisi kullanılan ürünler ekstra konfor sağlar. Elastan kumaş bileşeni ile her hareketinize uyum sağlayan ürünler tercih etmeniz de önemlidir çünkü esnek kumaş yapısına sahip crop toplar, spor esnasında hareketlerinizi kısıtlamaz ve vücut hatlarına uyum gösterir.
Spor kıyafetlerde uzun kollu tercih ediyorsanız performans artıran detaylara sahip kadın spor ceketleri de tercih edebilirsiniz. Rahatlığıyla favori ürünleriniz arasında yerini alacak olan bu ceketleri sporda ya da günlük rutininizde kullanabilirsiniz. Dilerseniz konuyla ilgili yararlı bilgiler paylaştığımız ‘‘Sonbaharla Birlikte Spor Ceket Giyme Vakti Geldi!” başlıklı yazımızı da okuyabilirsiniz.
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2022.01.28 04:44 MidnightHills would love to hear your thoughts on my new song!:) produced by myself and with a feature from my broskii

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2022.01.28 04:44 intrinsicvardhan Manny haters when i ask why do they hate manny

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2022.01.28 04:44 Icanopen How's your desk? New job, Managers are Clueless

Just wondering what most of your PC Monitor setups are? They are only suppling me with a single 23" Monitor. Responsible for a 3k employee work place with a piss poor HR notifications were I have to go in to AC Program, Locker Program, Key Program, Excel Spreadsheets and verify that all the employees are active.
I have always had at a minimum Two 27" monitors.
I didn't know their Lead Access Control supervisor was leaving and now they are throwing me on the three new construction builds where I have had no participation in the builds. I have to review the plans and previous estimate's for accuracy this is literally impossible on such a small monitor.
So the single monitor is set by the EVP/CFO, But I have seen others in company with Dual Monitors.
I don't get it
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