How do you replicate this effect?

2022.01.28 05:51 asamikae How do you replicate this effect?

Hi! Does anyone know how to replicate this effect? Its for my friend's visualizer but I wasnt sure what kind of effect this is. Im also wondering how this was done.

Many thanks!
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2022.01.28 05:51 andreeagrey do you need a smoking buddy? 🥺

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2022.01.28 05:51 noturnipsever Will Microsoft ever add folder previews?

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2022.01.28 05:51 thalha_dev Unknowingly turned on Cryptdata

I turned on the Cryptdata option while installing Pop_os. Is there any way to turn off that security lock.
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2022.01.28 05:51 neweecom Travelodge - why is it so cheap? Experiences?

Hi, I'm looking for accommodation in London and found out Travelodge hotels pretty much in the centre for a really good price. They offer standard room with bathroom one night for about 45 GBP. I'm only thinking why is it so cheap? The reviews and photos look good. Any experiences? I'm really budget and this looks way too cheap in comparison to airbnb and other hotels around.
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2022.01.28 05:51 Karnadhar Minimum gas limit for withdrawal?

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2022.01.28 05:51 exeqtve Into the Cronos NFT space?

Get major perks at Ebisus by picking up an Ebisus Bay Founding Member NFT @ . Only 10,000 available to be minted! Pays for itself if you plan on trading NFTs longterm.
Get 5% off if you use my referral code orhiZ0Z87Z at time of minting. Thanks!
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2022.01.28 05:51 Imaginary-Wave-162 Sennheiser CX,Liberty 3 Pro, Sony C500 , or Earfun pro/air 2? Which one should I buy?

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2022.01.28 05:51 CengooTV Welches Medienportal ist weitgehend neutral und hat wenig Tendenzen nach links oder rechts?

Ich bin mir unsicher, von wo ich meine Nachrichten beziehen sollte. Ich habe oft das Gefühl, dass diverse Medienportale zu parteiisch sind und ich wünsche mir ein Portal, welches weitgehend neutral ist.
Was könnt ihr mir empfehlen?
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2022.01.28 05:51 __matt101__ Attitude to bonds

I’ve been thinking about this monevator post:
and would be interested in people’s views on a question that comes to mind.
But first a quick de-lurk. I’m early 40s and about 10 years ago discovered and have been saving/investing heavily since, generally taking a sensible passive investment approach. I have been fortunate enough to find myself in a well-paying legal job. However I’m unfortunate enough that the job has become very stressful and impacts my quality of life in such a way that I can no longer envisage doing it until retirement. I like the people I work with and the money. The job…not so much. So I need to figure out if/when to jump to a job which might be much less well paid but hopefully allows me more time and happiness on a path to FIRE.
Anyway, some form of FIRE is feeling closer than I expected it to five years ago and so I’m starting to think about my longer-term strategy.
The monevator post talks about a ‘dynamic asset allocation’ during decumulation and (without having read the underlying source material) it sounds broadly sensible. My question is: why would this not be equally applicable during accumulation as well (assuming for now some bond component to your portfolio)?
And also doesn’t it smack of timing the market? You’re shifting your asset allocation according to your perception of market cycles which is somewhat contrary to the passive mindset isn’t it? It feels potentially dangerous but would be interested in other people’s thoughts.
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2022.01.28 05:51 kirklyle EMDR Session Frequency

I (26F) started EMDR about this time last years. I had gone to therapy somewhat regularly for 7 years prior, but felt my anxiety and depression hadn’t improved like I wanted it to. I also had a growing frustration with my memory and focus, which caused me to do a bunch of different types of test where it was determined I have CPTSD as well as some other mental issues.
It was right after that I started EMDR with a new therapist (I kept the old one as well but she doesn’t practice EMDR). For the first few sessions we talked coping mechanisms, practiced exercises like the container, looking ceiling to floor repeatedly, etc. when I’m feeling anxious in public, and after a few sessions we tried the EMDR for the first time. In total I’ve only done EMDR with her 3 times, despite seeing her every other week to every 3 weeks in the past year.
While I feel the EMDR has helped me in significant ways, I simultaneously feel like some of this is moving so slowly and I want to progress faster. I think her personality is better suited for me compared to my long-term therapist, so maybe more credit should be directed towards that rather than the actual EMDR sessions.
Anyways, I’m just curious if others here do EMDR sessions each time you see your therapist, or do you mainly do talk therapy with a few EMDR sessions thrown in randomly. The 3 times I did EMDR were spaced out, with regular talk sessions in between - is that typical?
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2022.01.28 05:51 Far_Cryptographer_74 jag när noxflex

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2022.01.28 05:51 MucciGane1017 What's the most you've ever saved in coins

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2022.01.28 05:51 Coolhunter9_ Lets roll

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2022.01.28 05:51 _NicoNi After playing Dark Souls, do you all have this urge to expect Dark Souls mechanic in other video games ?

I mean I just got Pokémon Arceus and I can't wait to experience rolling :0 I also woke up wanting nintendo to bring back rolling mechanic in the next Zelda f̶o̶r̶ ̶n̶o̶s̶t̶a̶l̶g̶i̶a̶ for Dark Souls experience
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2022.01.28 05:51 ChrisSiebenaler PRE-EXHAUST Dumbbell Full Body Workout | EPIC Endgame Day 19

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2022.01.28 05:51 Appropriate-Ebb7003 Quarashi | Full stack decentralised system | ICO - Easy X5 | Crypto wallet available on Google Play & AppStore.

Quarashi is a full-stack project with different core components. The first ever non custodial pocket that supports 9000 cryptos with add custom coin. QUARASHI token can be used on all products. 100% secure Calisto Network audit report with open sourced code. Huge community with 35K on twitter, 10K on telegram. Quarashi consists of:
Non-Custodial Crypto wallet
VPN & Anon Browser
ICO - Whitelist is open. In order to be able to participate in the sale, the participant needs to register and verify yar account.
accepted Currencies: ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDT
coins for Sale: 50.000.000 QUA
price: $0.06 / QUA
Quarashi Network is a multi-currency crypto portfolio, next-generation project for yar cryptocurrency journey with Defi Blockchain UI Multi chain crypto portfolio, decentralised exchange, and private chat. Them. Now it's available in Google Play

Welcome to Quarashi community!
Website quarashi dot network
Telegram quarashinetworkofficial
twitter QuarashiN
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2022.01.28 05:51 _meowdarchod_ blursed_hairstyle

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2022.01.28 05:51 lostcreationsart Psych-rock Music and Arts show tomorrow in St. Pete, FL!

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2022.01.28 05:51 ZoolShop Omicron Offshoot BA.2 Seems 1.5x More Contagious: Denmark Data

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2022.01.28 05:51 Glittering_Bass_908 AA-12 users be like

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2022.01.28 05:51 Idk_try Someone threw sand at me, I should be happy...

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2022.01.28 05:51 a_real_cool_user 🚀🚀Instant $5 from Kora. No deposit needed! Just sign up with a .edu email address and connect your bank! 🚀🚀

Kora is a money and finance management service designed for students. They are currently running a promotion where you can get $5 just for signing up and linking your bank account! Download the Kora app on your phone: Sign up for an account and enter promo code kora-vict1i6y (you'll have to type it out yourself, sorry) Verify your email address. You must have a .edu email (it's for students after all) Connect a bank with Plaid Redeem your $5 reward which you can deposit straight to your bank account
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2022.01.28 05:51 bahrijoe13 Credentialed Trainers

I know the type of training a person needs to undergo to become a CT. I am however not sure about the documentation. Once a person has completed the suggested training by Epic (teach backs, assessment, panel, etc.), how do they get the “credentialed” status? Does Epic provide documentation of credentialing or does the hospital system do that? If the hospital is WAY post go-live, does Epic still get involved in credentialing? Thank you in advance
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2022.01.28 05:51 OKappnMyKappn Jewelry Should be Regulated

I have very sensitive skin that is reactive with most metals. Unless my earrings are PURE (not coated) 24ct gold (which is way out of my budget), or surgical steel, I get severe scabbing on my ears.
I learned that jewelry is safe to use as long as it is 316L (surgical steel). I recently got new earrings that were advertised as 316L from a reputable source, but after my ears started bleeding, I read the fine print. On the back of the packaging, in the smallest text possible, it said "316L, or a similar hypoallergenic metal".
I've had issues in the past with jewelry advertised as "stainless steel", but this was not the case. I think that jewelry should be regulated, like anything else that goes into your body.
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